Mobilizing young leaders for a lifetime of service and missions.

Our Purpose

Connect and link college and post-college leaders with existing domestic and overseas service organizations for short term assignments.

Coach interested leaders through the process of determining the best fit for service.

Lead small teams in short overseas service projects.

Develop partnerships with world-wide service and mission organizations.
Who We Are

Ordinary Saints is a non-profit organization formed to help facilitate short-term service opportunities for young leaders (college and post-college age) through personal coaching and being a liaison between the leader and the appropriate service organization.  Interested leaders will be able to navigate the information gathering process through various gateways to domestic and overseas service organizations on our website.  These leaders will narrow their search through conversations with the staff of Ordinary Saints and with the staff of selected organizations.

Interested organizations will have the opportunity to connect with leaders by publicizing their mission and opportunities on the Ordinary Saints website.  Short-term trips (1-2 week duration) will be conducted annually for small groups of 10-12 leaders to selected regions around the world.  The purpose will be to educate and expose these young leaders to the issues and people of the region, assisting in humanitarian aid as requested.